1. Anonymous said: What are your personal favorite fics???

    Best ask ever!

    The Request - I want a film made of this. I want to read it every day and have its babies. Only one of these has so far happened. It’s well-written, funny, moving and in character, despite being AU. My favourite of all time. 

    Waves - a college AU which does have a tendency to stray into the OOC, but is well-written and gripping enough to make up for that. Cas is a version of 2014!Cas so if that puts you off, don’t read it.

    Asunder - AU in which Dean invites Cas as his plus one to Sam’s wedding to his ex junkie-in-arms girlfriend. That synopsis makes it sound heavy and depressing, but it really isn’t. It’s touching in parts, funny in others, and excellent in all.

    Stitches - one of the few on this list that is rooted in canon - I have an awful addiction to AUs. It’s an angst / hurt and comfort fic, and it is beautiful. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

    Inevitable Homoeroticism in Spanish Romantic Heroes - Dean is a literature student and Cas is a professor. It’s not a teacher/student fic though, and the age gap isn’t big enough to merit a warning. It’s my favourite college AU fic - it’s totally in character and has enough angst and humour to make it completely impossible to stop reading once you’ve started.

    The Best Men - a Bridesmaids AU that isn’t as cracky as it sounds. It’s mostly humorous but does have some fluff and angst in it as well, and the author has meshed the Supernatural canon with the Bridesmaids elements very skillfully. 

    Crossroads State - one of the most frustrating fics I’ve ever read, but in a very good way. It’s a very slow build narrative, but the pay-off is so worth the wait. You’ll probably start shouting at the screen. I know I did.

    Named - another fic that’s rooted in canon. It’s incredible. I can’t describe my love for this fic. Every time I read it, I find something else I love about it. Another one that I need a film version of.

    Convenient Husbands - AU in which Dean and Cas are bonded out of convenience, as the title suggests. It’s sweet and in character but has a good dose of angst and plot. The author has written a lot of Destiel fics, and at least half of them could have a place on this list. Instead, I’ll just suggest you check out the rest of her work after reading this one.

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